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A disinfectant is only as effective as how it is applied. That is why we are focussed on ensuring that our products are used correctly.

“Cleaning the NHS Way” is a unique training programme and is offered by the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service and provides advice and guidance on the best cleaning practices.

Accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), the course is delivered by a team of experienced decontamination professionals and includes both practical and theory based learning.

Pathisol is an approved partner of the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service and as such, our cleaning processes are in line with NHS standards.

We have joined forces to produce an accredited training course which is delivered virtually and creates a recognised level of hygiene standards in the UK. The aim is educate all to clean effectively and safely – even those outside of the cleaning industry.

Take the step today to better hygiene

The programme encompasses training and delivery services to upskill individuals, employees and contractors to a better way of hygiene.

By completing this training course you are fully accredited for 1 year and you will receive a certificate upon completion awarded to you by the

NHS Deep Cleaning Advisory Service.

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