To fog or not to fog? There’s no question

COVID-19 has had a major impact on society. There is no doubt about that. The longer term impact is still to be seen. One potential impact that will be with us for a long time to come follows the increasing awareness of the need for disinfection generally. The instances of colds, flu, Norovirus, etc. has massively decreased throughout the pandemic. While reduced social contact is bound to have played a part in that, it is the increased use of disinfection generally that has made the real difference – had washing, sanitising, and disinfecting.

Now we, as a society, know the benefits of disinfection generally, more of us are taking an interest in what chemicals we are introducing into our homes and workplaces. What are we breathing? What are we putting on our skin? What is it doing to the environment?

Fogging has been increasingly common throughout the pandemic. However, for much of it there seems to have been more focus on the act of fogging rather than what is being fogged. While the hazard warning labels tell a story, the protective equipment required to use it tells a very graphic story. With Chlorisal, none of that is required.

Chlorisal Air Disinfect will provide the very highest levels of disinfect without the need for PPE to apply. Chlorisal Fogging Machines will disinfect large areas without leaving a toxic residue. No need to evacuate rooms, no need rinse down afterwards, no need to worry about contamination.

Fogging Chlorisal Air Disinfect is an ideal method for quickly and efficiently disinfecting spaces for example bars, offices, hotel bedrooms, vehicles, care homes, and even your own home.

At Chlorisal, we are keen on working closely with our customers to achieve disinfection without adding unnecessary costs. In most cases, existing equipment can be used to dispense Chlorisal. However, where new equipment is required, we have a range of equipment which is ideal for a range of different applications – and budgets.


So maybe the question shouldn’t be “to fog or not to fog?” but “what to fog?”.  The answer is a simple one!

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