Sanitise Sentinel


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Sanitise Sentinel

The Sanitise Sentinel is an innovative product which will flash lights and / or play a reminder to sanitise hands. With numerous language variants or the option to record a bespoke message, the Sentinel is ideal for entrances, receptions, changing rooms, and toilets. When installed beside a Chlorisal Sanitse station, when people are reminded to use the sanitiser, they know that Chlorisal Sanitise will provide the highest levels of sanitising while being kind to skin. Please see our website for videos of the Sentinel in action.


General Brief Sanitise Sentinel :

The Sanitise Sentinel flash light and sound device is the ideal product for doorways and reception areas. It is an intelligent product with a unique dual face which will flash the word, “SANITISE” in the local language, or the word, “SANITIZE” in a choice of languages alternate with a recorded message reminding people to sanitise their hands. It can be used as part of an integrated hygiene solution when installed beside, Chlorisal Sanitise stations to remind people to sanitise with Chlorisal UK before eating food. The Sanitise Sentinel is a unique and versatile product at Chlorisal UK. Chlorisal Sanitise assures the utmost levels of protection against bacteria.

Your customers are at the core of your business; but a clean environment will help them stay healthy, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and infection. The perfect memory aid for busy staff and a lovely reminder to clients. Whether you are looking to reduce sick days by making hand washing a more regular part of daily life, or have a hygiene policy in place, the Sanitize Sentinel will reinforce your hygiene message and encourage high standards in your business. The Sentinel requires no wiring and is fitted with an adjustable, twin-jet flashing light or optional spoken audio reminder. It is a complete self-contained unit powered by the hand sanitiser product with a battery backup.

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