Premium Spray Bottle


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Premium Spray Bottle

Chlosiral Sanitise is kind to skin and suitable for anyone with skin sensitivity. Premium Spray Bottle Containing no alcohol, Sanitise is a highly effective sanitiser. The aluminum bottle is stylish and robust and is suitable for refilling from the Chlorisal Sanitise 1ltr Refill bottle or even the 5ltr Disinfect Refill bottle. Not only is refilling good for the environment, it is good for the pocket as well with costs as low as 16p to refill this 50ml bottle.- Works in seconds- Kills 99.995% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores- Just 99.84% water- Kills Listeria, Legionella, MRSA, E.Coli, Norovirus, Flu Viruses and much more…- Powerful disinfectant and deoderiser- FREE FROM alcohol, aldehydes, parabens, dyes and scents- Hypoallergenic, is non-irritant and non-staining- Kind to your skin, pH skin compatible- Rapid disinfection- Suitable for food preparation areas Ingredients: < 99.84% water, < 0.133% salt, active ingredient: < 0.026% F.A.C. Product Statement:​ Chlorisal Premium-spray-bottles, products are manufactured to the highest quality and comply with the following European Standards: EN901, EN1276, EN1499, EN1500, EN1656, EN13623, EN13697 & EN14476. If however, you are in anyway dissatisfied with this product please do not hesitate to contact us. This does not affect your statutory rights.


About Premium Spray Bottle

General Specification:

The Elegance Spray Bottle is an ergonomically designed spray bottle. Its beautiful and engineered design provides an endless, powerful mist. The hand-friendly design makes it easier to hold and will prevent hand fatigue. The bottle produces a continuous, super-fine mist that will quickly cover a wide area. Moreover, the hanging hook design reduces hand fatigue, which is an important feature for the daily use of a spray bottle.

The Premium Spray Bottle comes has a capacity of 8.5 oz (250 ml). It also includes a 20-ml concentrate for window cleaning. The bottle is available in three sizes, so you can use it for various applications. If you need a smaller spray bottle, you can use the one with a larger capacity. It is a perfect kind to skin. Its adjustable wiper is handy and it’s easy to use. It also comes with a dirt scraper and a 20-ml sachet of the recommended detergent, check other product at Chlorisal. The Premium Spray Bottle is a practical and convenient accessory for every household. It’s the ideal gift for any homeowner or business owner.

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