Fogging Machine CF02


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Fogging Machine CF02

Fogging Machine CF02 is a handheld wireless best fogging machine.

The machine produces a fine nano spray of Chlorisal Disinfect. With an LED light and an adjustable spray, the lightweight CF02 is one of the most convenient fogging machines available.

It is unlikely to damage any surfaces that you are spraying but un-coated metals should be wiped clean after spraying. Other surfaces including fabrics do not need to be wiped after use.


General Brief about Fogging Machines

A Fogging Machine is a piece of equipment used to create a thick layer of fog. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. In the food processing and agriculture industry, foggers are essential to preventing contamination. They are also very important in pig and chicken hatcheries, dairy farms, and food preparation areas. A Fogging Machine can save you time and money by eliminating the risk of illness and sanitization problems.

The fogging machine uses a disinfectant to sanitise the air and surfaces. The disinfectant is retained on the surfaces for a long period of time, making it ideal for disinfecting large areas. The fogging machine works by applying pressure to produce a fine mist. The density of the mist is normally moderated by a manual valve. It is useful because it can penetrate porous surfaces and difficult-to-reach areas.

CF02 – How to Use a Fogging Machine to Senitise Disinfections

A Fogging Machine is a cordless machine that helps clean surfaces by blowing 8800 cubic feet of negatively charged air. It sprays a disinfectant at an adjustable rate of 1.7 to 2.4 ounces per minute. The negative-ion flow attracts and neutralizes airborne particles and kills harmful pathogens. These machines have a variety of uses, including cleaning surfaces, hospitals, schools, homes, offices, and even commercial spaces.

These machines are not only used in the food processing industry but also in agriculture. The agricultural industry is a prime example where they can be used for food preparation. Many industries rely on fogging machines in order to maintain the safety of their employees and produce. In chicken hatcheries and dairy farms, these devices can help to reduce pollution levels, which is costly to the health of the workers. For a professional, fogging machines can help sanitise areas where food preparation is carried out.

Fogging machines CF02 are a good choice for commercial use. These machines spray a mist on surfaces that are inaccessible to the naked eye. They also contain a larvicide to prevent mosquito breeding in these areas. Because the spray is invisible. Once inside, they must wear protective clothing and use full eye protection. Call us today or visit our Website for more quality products in UK.

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