Not Just Disinfection!

Chlorisal is known for a range of disinfection products and equipment that is leading a Disinfection Revolution. However, there is an important member of the range which is often overlooked. Chlorisal Clean is one of the most effective cleaning products available.

Chlorisal Clean is produced in exactly the same way as the Disinfect products. Just water + salt are electrolysed, and the Electrolysed Water is split into positively & negatively charged products. The cathode (negative) side produces Chlorisal Clean. The active ingredient is Sodium Hydroxide which is present at only 0.05%. Small enough for it to be gentle on skin, large enough for it to be highly effective as a cleaner.

There are a number of uses for Chlorisal Clean around the home and your business. It is excellent as a degreaser – just leave it to work for a minute or so and greasy stains lift off. It is perfect for stainless steel kitchen appliances & worktops. On glass it not only cleans but gives the glass a streak-free shine. The same for tiles – excellent cleaning with a streak-free finish.


While Chlorisal Clean does not need to be diluted for most uses, it can be diluted 6:1 with water for highly effective cleaning of floors and larger areas.

When it comes to professional environments, a 2-stage cleaning regime must be implemented. Essentially, clean first to remove the biofilm (the physical dirt), then disinfected. For this, Chlorisal Clean works perfectly in tandem with Chlorisal Disinfect. Both will perform to the very highest standards while being gentle on both skin and the environment.

As with all Chlorisal products, Clean is 100% biodegradable and has the lowest carbon footprint of any comparable product.

2 stages process