Chlorisal Videos

Our New Electrostatic Fogging Machine

It not only looks great but is breaking new ground in how it can help the country reopen after COVID. Electrostatic / portable / lightweight / variable spray / automatic sensors…… this cracking machine has it all.

When set on automatic, it will sense who someone is nearby and emit a 5-second burst of fine Chlorisal mist A single charge is sufficient for over 600 of these sprays.

Ideal for receptions, entrances, and toilets in offices, shops, businesses, and homes.


Disinfecting Your Vehicle

Chlorisal will both refresh and disinfect the interior of vehicles.

The ACS20 is lightweight and portable. The battery can be charged from the car to provide unrivalled ease of use.

The spray can be adjusted to provide a fine deposit and as it is electrostatic, it provide comprehensive disinfection without soaking the interior. 

Can also be used for businesses, shops, caravans, and homes


Disinfection for Hospitality

Chlorisal can support the hospitality industry with improved cleaning and disinfection – without resorting to harsh chemicals.

Chlorisal will disinfect surfaces, hands, and the air while being hypoallergenic and kind to skin. While being gentle on people and animals, it will kill 99.995% of all pathogens within seconds




Chlorisal at the Gym

Chlorisal can do the hard work. Disinfecting surfaces within seconds of contact, Chlorisal will not leave a toxic residue.

Approved to EN1276, EN14476 and many others, Chlorisal is registered on the European Biocide Register and is manufactured in Scotland.