Breathe Easy


Breathe Easy!

8litres per minute. That’s how much a typical adult breathes every minute. That’s 600 litres an hour. Each! One to consider next time you’re in a meeting

In the late 1800s, cholera was eliminated from London as an unintended consequence from installing the new sewage system. Joseph Bazalgette’s remarkable feat was actually intended to remove “miasma” – the theory was that a noxious form of “bad air”, also known as night air, was to blame for diseases such as cholera, chlamydia, or even the Black Death. This was replaced in the 1880s by germ theory. However, the end result was a dramatic improvement in public health.

In the most recent epidemic, the airborne threat has been proven to be significant. Further research has identified that a range of diseases including colds & the flu are transmitted by aerosols – small particles that can remain suspended in the air for a considerable time – not just by the heavier droplets.

Social distancing plays an important and obvious role in reducing the impact of droplets.Reducing the impact of aerosols is much more difficult.

Increased ventilation is one solution. However, it is not always a simple matter to open the windowsfor many offices, shops, and restaurants. Modern buildings are simply not designed with that in mind. Air conditioning is another potential solution but can often be extremely expensive to install and operate. It is not the most environmentally-friendly solution either.

Misting-machinesA common solution throughout the COVID pandemic has been to fog areas. Often using hazardous chemicals, the operators needed to wear extensive protective equipment and rooms had to be evacuated for at least an hour – sometimes much longer. The hazard warning labels of these products are concerning to say the least!

So how can Chlorisal help? Chlorisal uses the only technology that can disinfect surfaces, skin, and the air we breathe. Our Misting Machines disperse Chlorisal in the same aerosol-sized droplets which allow it to remain in the air and continue to destroy airborne viruses. It is safe to be inhaled and does not leave a toxic residue. It can be used around children, pets, and even food. No need to evacuate rooms, no need to wear PPE to apply it. Chlorisal Misting Machines are ideal for use in internal spaces where a number of people may be using such as receptions, surgeries, offices, shops, restaurants, and gyms.

8 litres a minute? Breathe easy with Chlorisal