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What is Fogging & Why do it?

Disinfecting large areas & deep-cleaning ​

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What is Misting?

Continuous room disinfection

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Disinfection Tunnels & Chambers

Disinfection of entrances to controlled areas


What is Fogging?

Our Fogging machine uses an Ultra Low Volume nebuliser that creates extremely small droplets. These droplets are dispersed into the air, float then slowly fall, disinfecting every surface as well as cleaning the air itself, resulting in a hygienically clean space reducing the numbers of bacteria, spores, viruses, pollen, etc.
While fogging is becoming topical, it is important to consider what is being fogged as it will linger in the air for some time before landing on surfaces. Can it be breathed? Will it leave a residue? Is it an irritant? Is it kind to skin?

Our Application Systems are very different to chemical-based alternatives and suitable for the whole family

 Why Fog?

The droplets can settle underneath, on top of and on the sides of many objects and inaccessible areas that may be difficult or not possible to reach using conventional cleaning methods. It also reaches a wider range of surfaces than manual cleaning, including textiles.

Rapid ULV fogging and disinfection enables the treatment of large areas in a short space of time to help to quickly break the chain of infection.

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What is Misting?

Misting is similar to fogging but uses a finer particle size. It creates a dry mist which is designed to slowly fill a room.
Chlorisal misting machines are designed to be kept in the one place and over time, the air in the room is continually disinfected.

Chlorisal is not perfumed – it leaves the room smelling “clean” without an artificial scent being left behind.

WiFi control offers unrivaled protection for your home or office. Up to 20 machines can be controlled on the one network ensuring optimal performance throughout a building. 

Why Mist?

Chlorisal Sanitise will disinfect hands – Chlorisal Disinfect will disinfect surfaces but what about the air we breathe?

When Misted, Chlorisal will gently disinfect the air and neutralise airborne pathogens.  

Misting a room enables the comprehensive and continual disinfection of an enclosed room. 

Where & When Should Misting be Used?

Misting is particularly effective in:

– receptions

– kitchens

– toilets

– offices

– call centres

– or any common areas

Misting Chlorisal has also demonstrated significant benefits when used in the home:

– To help people with respiratory conditions

– To reduce the impact of pollen for hayfever sufferers

– To reduce pet odours 

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Disinfection Tunnels & Chambers


Compatible with Chlorisal misting machines, disinfection tunnels provide the opportunity to create controlled entrances to high care areas.

Chlorisal Disinfect will disinfect outer clothing, hair, shoes and any uncovered skin within 15 – 30 seconds

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