360-degree disinfection

Chlorisal is unique in offering a 360-degree disinfection solution for surfaces, skin, and the air.

Chlorisal works quickly to kill 99.9999% of pathogens and will not leave a toxic residue on surfaces or skin. 360-degree disinfection is produced from salt + water + a spark of electricity. Nothing else! No harsh chemicals, alcohol-free, no allergens, and no scents, yet Chlorisal is 30 times more effective than bleach!

360-Degree Disinfection

Standard surface disinfectants are often made from hazardous chemicals. One look at the back of a bottle or a study of the MSDS will highlight a range of hazards associated with it. Most should be left in place for several minutes before being rinsed off. Even if the dwell time is long enough, they are not as effective as Chlorisal – not by a long way! There is a common misconception that to kill COVID disinfectants need to smell of bleach or hand sanitiser needs to smell of alcohol. Not so. You will only smell a fair scent with Chlorisal yet it is a far more effective surface disinfectant than the alternatives produced from hazardous materials. Chlorisal is similarly kind to skin and as an alcohol-free hand sanitiser, will gently yet effectively sanitise skin without causing red, sore hands. While Chlorisal is far more effective than alternatives at surface disinfection, it is its ability to offer air disinfection that is unique. Chlorisal can be dispersed in our misting machines or fogging machines in fine particles. Our fogging machines will quickly disinfect large areas while our misting machines will disperse Chlorisal in fine particles. These particles will remain airborne for a considerable period of time and continually disinfect any airborne pathogens that it encounters. It is not hazardous if inhaled and will not leave a toxic residue on surfaces. Our misting machines have been sourced to provide the most comprehensive air disinfection throughout a building. Up to 20 machines can be linked to provide air disinfection and to provide COVID disinfection as well as all other airborne pathogens.

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